Enjoy a Christmas party without apprehension!

Merry Christmas

Christmas is notoriously a time of indulgence but this should not come with added guilt. We all binge and have one glass too many.


So in order to avoid post-Christmas anxiety, Sinolux has recommended a formula to help you to combat all these worries, allowing you to enjoy the festivities completely guilt free.


Ge hua jie cheng tang : a classic formula for hangover, over consumption of alcohol and rich food.

It protects the liver by optimising the liver function and detoxification. Stimulate digestion , remove food stagnation and regulate the spleen and stomach.


This formula is available in CP 100gr, capsules 100 units!


Ingredients :

Baidoukou, sharen, hehuanhua, ganjiang, shenqu(pz), zexie, baizhu, chenpi, renshen, zhuling, fuling, muxiang, qingpi.


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